A simple website for a great pianist


Pianist and composer Stefano Cascioli approached me about establishing an online presence - his first CD was going to be released soon and he didn't have an official place in the web where he could not only advertise it, but also show his work to fellow musicians and the audience.



After discussing with Stefano his goals for the website, I focused on which content to include and how many pages were needed. Then I created a quick prototype first on paper, then in Figma and shared it with the client. After it was approved, I proceeded to create the website in Webflow, firstly tweaking the navigation and content, and secondly the UI.

My role

In this project, I worked on my own throughout all of its phases.


November - December 2020 (1st version)


Planning phase

When discussing with Stefano about what he wanted to communicate through his web page, he expressed the following needs (in order of priority):

  • Advertise his cd, and add a direct link to the store to allow people to buy it;
  • Talk about his work path and repertoire;
  • Show his variety of work through his past videos;
  • Make a list of his future appearances on stage (postponed due to COVID-19).
The first Figma draft of the home page.
The first Figma draft of the home page.

The objective was to create a website in time for the album release that was simple and straightfoward. I proposed for the creation of two pages: the home page and an about page.

With this information in mind, I sketched a first draft, on paper and then in Figma, and shared it with the client. With his feedback I was able to proceed with the first draft in Webflow.

Execution and fine tuning

As I wanted to have more flexibility with the final design and be able to host the website autonomously, Webflow was my final choice.

Starting from a basic template, I recreated the structure made in Figma and developed navigation and content. At the same time, I worked on a simple color palette and a set of fonts to represent Stefano's brand. When this part was set up and approved by the client, I focused on the UI and completed the home page. Afterwards, I did the same with the About page.

The final result (Jan 2021)

The responsive website I created for Stefano consists in two pages:

  • The homepage, which advertises his new CD and shows a short bio;
  • The biography page, which also contains a video gallery with the musician's live performances.

The visual style is minimal and puts emphasis on the musician's pictures, which are customary in the classical music world.